OK, Moms, this is an easy treat that kids of almost any age or skill level can prepare. After all it’s the thoughtfulness that really counts, isn’t it? So even if you are the one who has to go to the store and purchase the ingredients and leave it handy for the family to find on that Sunday morning, well, that’s not so bad.

This really is more of procedure than a recipe. But, it’s fresh and healthy and low in calories. Fruits provide energy to get you through your day and the Greek yogurt has the necessary proteins. Most of all, your family sees you eating a really healthy breakfast. Last time we did this (for a party platter) we bought whole fruits for less than twenty bucks. The pre-cut stuff was nearly five dollars a container and we would need two or three containers of each for a party.

Melons offer a wonderful way to try new foods with your kids. Don’t be constrained by always opting for the Honeydew or Cantaloupe (which is in actuality is a muskmelon in the United States; true Cantaloupes are only available on the other side of the Atlantic [Truth in advertising].) All melons offer a sweet, mild flavor so try a new variety next time you see one. There are wonderful melons that come into season in the winter too like the ‘Santa Claus’ or ‘Christmas’ Melon so you can get fresh ones all year.

As with most of our recipes and ideas only your imagination or pantry is the limit!

Suggested Ingredients:

  • 1 container plain Greek Yogurt (per adult)
  • 1 long squirt of Agave Nectar
  • 1 Pineapple
  • ½ Watermelon
  • 1 Melon (a cantaloupe or Honeydew other favorite)
  • 1 Mango (hard to peel unless ripe)
  • 1 ripe Pear or Apple (they will turn brown if not served immediately so don’t use for a party.)
  • Strawberries, tops removed or cored.


  1. Have someone bring you a cup of tea or coffee.
  2. Get somebody to Peel and then Dice the Fruit into Bite Size Chunks, which the kids can have fun doing, assuming they’ve been thought the basic knife skills. A butter knife works on everything but the strawberries. This is a great way to bond. Get the other adult in the house who is not having a mother’s day to help them while you lounge in bed or take a bath.
  3. or if you have pre-shaped cookie cutters, once peeled, use them cut the melons into fun shapes and arrange on a platter. You can also use wooden skewers and make a fruit flower arrangement which would be fun presentation.
  4. Plate the yogurt in a bowl and squirt the Agave nectar on top.
  5. Serve.