Eric Bleimeister, writer, historian, raconteur, and enthusiastic cook, is a lifelong fitness advocate and proponent of real food, healthy eating and sustainable farming, themes of which appear in his literary works. This web site is devoted to his writing endeavors, culinary advice and social observations.

His novels clearly depict his keen eye for detail and social observation. They may be classified as thrillers but they are essentially relationship driven, whether the setting is in New York City, outer space or in a bleak near future. You feel like you are there alongside the characters. The relationship aspect is one we can all identify with and comes vividly to life in stories full of rousing action, frank sexuality and strong male and female characters who just happen to find themselves in perilous situations.

Eric Bleimeister co-authored & published Cooking Together: Making Memories and Meals with Michelle Day. The unique idea behind this book and their website ‘Kids and a Cook’ has given Eric opportunity to combine his passions for cooking healthy food and writing.

He lives between the water and Hell’s half-acre, otherwise known as Connecticut. He is available for Speaking Engagements on a variety of topics including cooking advice and culinary demonstrations.